Helping to manage your appetite 

When you’re low in mood or feeling particularly anxious we know that it can affect appetite. Fuelling and nourishing your body so that you have the energy for everyday tasks and to work through emotional difficulties is really important. 

Here are some tips to help you manage your appetite: 

  • You wouldn’t expect a car to run without petrol, so try to think of food as your fuel to keep going
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help preparing a meal
  • Try to stick to a routine of three meals a day and two or three snacks
  • Try to keep busy during the day so that you can help yourself to build up an appetite towards mealtimes
  • Don’t wait for hunger to alert you to eat, you may need to eat even when you are not hungry
  • If you’re really struggling to manage food, try milkshakes or smoothies 
  • Wholesome, nutritiously rich food will help to nourish your body and your mind 
  • Restricting food will increase the symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • If you find eating larger meals hard, try eating four or five smaller meals throughout the day 
  • Keep things in stock that you enjoy and that take little effort to prepare
  • When you eat, try to eat mindfully, noticing the taste, texture and smell of the food
  • Try eating with people rather than on your own 
  • Why not put some music on during a meal? 
  • Some people find it helpful to view food as a medicine
  • Try to keep busy after meals, maybe watch some TV, play a game or go for a walk