Informal sessions

These are informal sessions for young people in years 7-13 to meet with a youth worker for guided conversation and to develop positive techniques for managing emotions.

  • Sessions are relational and develop young people's self esteem, emotional literacy, behaviour management skills and positive techniques for managing bereavement, stress, anxiety or other challenges
  • Face-to-face sessions take place in schools or digitally
  • They provide young people with a safe space where they can speak freely about whatever is causing them concern - however big or small - preventing any downward spiral in emotional wellbeing or mental health
  • Young people show an improvement in their personal development, seen through an increase in their ability to manage and reduce their issues

Targeted workshops

  • We also offer targeted workshops for young people with early signs of mental health issues / low emotional wellbeing
  • Six structured interactive sessions with a maximum of six invited young people (years 7-11) on specific topics including anxiety/worry, self-esteem/confidence and friendship/relationships
  • These sessions provide an extended support network and practical strategies for young people struggling with similar issues with youth workers encouraging openness about feelings.

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