We have many different services that offer support for children if you're having difficult feelings or problems. These feelings could be about family, friends, school, food, your body, anger, worries, and other things too.

We will carefully think about you and what we’ve been told about you, and then look at how we can best help you. 

The types of things we might suggest for you are:

  • that you read some information sheets
  • that you talk with one of our trained counsellors about your thoughts
  • that you come for an appointment with one of our specialist team

If you are offered an appointment with our Community Team or a specialist service we might meet you at a local clinic or your school. This will help us find out more about you, and see how we may be able to help you to make things better.

We always try to be flexible. We are happy to meet you on your own, or with your family or friends. We would normally speak with your parents if they come to the appointment with you.

At your first appointment you will meet someone from our team who will talk to you to find out about your worries and what has been difficult for you. Everyone is friendly and helpful and we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with us. 

There may be some forms that we need to fill in together, but we will help you with this.