Two girls laughing together in a fieldProviding early support

A new Building Resilience service has been created to provide early support for children, young people and families. It covers a range of community-based services offering advice, information and help, all provided by members of the Surrey Wellbeing Partnership.

At the heart of this service is a focus on early intervention and prevention, connecting with children, young people and families and supporting them as soon as they start to feel they are struggling.

Families can request support themselves or through their school. Having made contact with us, you will be signposted to one or more areas, depending on your individual circumstances.

My Safety Plan

If you find yourself struggling or feeling distressed with your thoughts and feelings, it can be helpful to create a plan to keep yourself safe. Read about how to create your own My Safety Plan here.

Community-based activities 

A broad range of community-based activities for young people who may be feeling low or struggling to cope takes place online and face-to-face at community cafes and community groups. These use sports, drama, arts and cooking for example to bring peer groups together and provide a forum for self-care, self-esteem development and interventions. Some of these activities extend into the summer months ensuring support of vulnerable groups during the holiday periods. Other opportunities include drop ins, meet and eat projects and group meetings.

Community Wellbeing Team

We have created a new Community Wellbeing Team with 23 full-time equivalent practitioners working across Surrey with roles hosted by six of the alliance partners. These community-based practitioners connect with children, young people and families and are focusing on early intervention and supporting children and young people as soon as they start to feel they are struggling; they are helping families to navigate the choices available and engage with services.

Volunteer wellbeing mentors

A new team of wellbeing mentors provides additional mentoring support to vulnerable children and young people and has begun to take requests for support mainly from colleagues in the north of the county but also covers other parts of the county. This service provides a vital additional support for some young people and allows for further tailoring of support to suit a young person’s needs.