Mindworks Surrey is an emotional wellbeing and mental health service that supports children and young people across Surrey. Together with our partners we deliver targeted and specialist services, connecting with universal services to ensure support is available at entry level, from primary mental health in schools through to urgent needs.

Update on referral procedures – Mindworks Surrey and Children and Family Health Surrey’s (CFHS) One Stop Service 

We are pleased to advise that the recent technical issues with the on-line Riviam portal have been resolved and we are returning to business as usual.  

As a reminder:-

GP referrals to Mindworks Surrey (children/young people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health)

  • Should be made via e-RS, available to all Surrey GPs
  • Please do not send referrals via email

GP referrals to CFHS One Stop (children/young people’s physical health)

  • Following the recent issues with the online portal, we are prioritising the set-up of e-RS for GP colleagues for referrals into the CFHS One Stop. We will communicate with you further when this is operational.
  • In the meantime, we would ask you to please continue to use the Riviam online portal to make referrals  https://childrensreferrals.sabp.nhs.uk/  . Clinic letters can be uploaded after some basic demographic details are added to the form.




What is Mindworks Infographic

What's different about MindworksThe new service looks and feels different for families, children and young people receiving the service and for referral agencies, not only because of the additional investment in existing and new services, but also because:

  • A key driver for the new service is to provide far easier requests for support. Work is progressing on this important element of the service so that children, young people and families can request support (self-refer) into an increased number of services with more choice about their options leading to quicker access to the right treatments. 
  • A “no wrong door” approach - all children, young people and families will be supported to find the right help at the right time
  • An alliance service, delivered through the combined skills and experience of a range of NHS and voluntary sector specialist organisations
  • A move away from ‘referrals’ towards ‘requests for support’; this reflects the more holistic and less diagnosis-led approach
  • Clinical services for children and young people and the services delivered under the old model (tier 3 and 4 services) will continue to be available and delivered via our new iTHRIVE services: Getting More Help and Getting Risk Support.
  • We are working hard to improve the referral system, but for now please continue to make requests for support (referrals) through the portal or via the Access and Advice service (formerly CAMHS SPA) on 0300 222 5755
  • Services are more accessible and user friendly through more convenient locations and online services
  • A more managed model of care with clear outcome monitoring after every session.