We offer occupational therapy groups to children and young people in Surrey Short Stay schools. The purpose of these groups are to promote mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. There are two key focus approaches, one within primary schools and the other being in secondary schools. 

Referrals are made when schools identify a child/ young person who would be appropriate for this support and pass this information onto their occupational therapist.                                ​​​​​​      

Help children identify some of their key body signals, understand them and react to them appropriately. To develop good body awareness and strategies to manage their emotions before they become overwhelming responses
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Encourage children to engage in occupations and reflect on the impact they have on their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. 1:1 fortnightly sessions to those attending the group and a community activity



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Emotional regulation is the biggest obstacles our pupils have to engaging well at school. The occupational therapist adapted the group content based on our feedback to better fit the needs of the students and they the approach of the school.13 out of 22 students were better able to regulate these emotions after 6 sessions.The content of the sessions met the needs of the pupils, enabling them to be successful on their next pathway. The pupils, and staff, enjoyed the sessions and all said they worked well.