Service Description

Generation Girls (GG for short) is about educating and empowering autistic girls and girls with learning disabilities regarding consent, sexual health and mental wellbeing.

GG is a 10 week-long project taken into SEND schools across Surrey. The sessions are 90 minutes. The project is for students aged 14-19 chosen by the school.

We use theatre and creative activities to allow the girls to express their emotions and tackle sensitive and challenging topics in a fun and safe way.

The school and facilitators work together to build any specific sessions that the particular group needs. We are inclusive to NB and trans students though this is a female space.

We currently do not offer a boys version but want to develop this.

Generation Girls Online

This is an online programme that offers a range of accessible workshops. These workshops are interactive, informative and fun. They cover topics such as mental resilience, body image, periods and relationships.

GG online was created on Porpsero which is an interactive learning software. It was made by a range of specialist facilitators, actors, artists and sensory consultants. The result is a digital offer to work either as a stand-alone resource for home schooling or part of the support offer for Generation Girls parents and teachers.

There are certain topics which are hard to navigate in an online space. We found that very personal topics such as gender or sex are better done in person. The Propsero platform is fantastic but has its limitations.

Contact Details

Name of partner: Peer Productions


For more information, visit Generation Girls UK