My husband and I would like to thank you for the Lego event you ran this week in Thorpe Village Hall.
Our son absolutely loved it. For us it was so special to have a safe, understanding place during half 
term where our son was able to mix with other children.

We were able to explain to him that there are other children on the spectrum and not every child with autism is the same. He’s not really had much interaction with other children with autism. He was so pleased and said it was nice to know other children had some similar difficulties but seemed really amazing. (There were some amazing Lego inventions!) It was also so lovely to chat to other parents and share our experiences.

Karen and Mandy were so supportive. I was able to ask a few questions in a casual setting to get some advice on a few issues. They didn’t make me feel stupid and just listened!
To know there are events like this is just amazing. It made us feel supported and not so alone. We spend a majority of our lives under stress and constant worry about our son so something like this just lifts that weight off for a couple of hours!

A big thank you.

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