One of the Mindworks occupational therapists started to see Mitch in his primary school, after his challenges were becoming more apparent in the school setting. Mitch’s anxiety was escalating and OCD behaviour started to emerge. Lizzie quickly built up a rapport with Mitch and continued to speak to him remotely once lockdown had been announced. Mitch struggled a bit with communicating in this way, however Lizzie continued to be on hand to support the family and provide helpful tips/strategies to assist Mitch. Lizzie referred him for an ADHD diagnosis.

Lizzie continued to support us when Mitch started a new school, and also attended a school meeting, with myself, the SENCO and head of year. 

Sessions were held in school to help Mitch address and understand his OCD. We have seen a significantly positive change in Mitch’s behaviour in this area and he has a better understanding of what he can do to reduce his OCD. The Mindworks school contact has met with us at home to mutually agree some boundaries with Mitch, on some of the areas that were causing a lot of angst. We have seen major improvements  and it really helped to have a professional involved.

The Mindworks support has been amazing. Before this intervention, we were feeling a bit deflated and felt that there was little or no help out there for us. We’ve since received an ADHD diagnosis for Mitch and are waiting on a decision with regard to his ASD assessment. 

On behalf of my family, I say a great big THANK YOU!

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