A 90 minute educational and entertaining play about three teenagers who have recovered from self harm. It includes a comprehensive teachers’ resource pack. We will be touring to 20 schools in the spring of 2022 in Surrey and have a digital version available for those who need it.

  • The aim is to reduce the stigma attached to self harm, open up a dialogue about mental health issues and encourage young people to seek help and support
  • Explains what self-harm is and what can trigger people to self-harm
  • Debunks some of the unhelpful myths surrounding self-harm
  • Helps young people to find alternative and healthier ways to manage their emotions
  • Empowers people to be a good friend to someone they suspect is harming themselves
  • Enables people to get help if they or someone they know is self-harming

Partner: Peer Productions

Email: alice@peerproductions.co.uk