Service Description

Learning Space Bubble Groups were created in response to increasing numbers of requests for support for children and young people experiencing anxiety. There is a community Bubble Group and a centre-based Bubble Group for ages eleven and up.

  • Community Bubble Group is in partnership with Starbucks in Reigate and offers a direct request for support route
  • Centre-based Bubble Group supports the opportunity for young people to be involved in co-producing and engaging with projects and activities
  • Young people connect at a pace that is right for them and with no expectations
  • Bubble Group is a space to ‘be’ and supports safe risk-taking, communication, self-awareness, self-regulation, fun and laughter, acceptance and celebration, self-esteem, integration and progression
  • Up to two one-to-one sessions can be offered to support access to the group; parents and young people are asked to consider what their ‘best hopes’ are for joining the group
  • Ongoing dialogue with young people and parents enable us to celebrate progress
  • Young people can access holiday activities and youth voice opportunities

Contact Details

Name of partner: Learning Space

To access support from this service, a professional must create a request for support. If you are a professional, visit the request support page to find out more information on how to do this.