Smart Moves®, is a transition programme of evidence-based short sessions to give young people small learn-able skills (Smart Moves) that increase resilience in years 6, 7 and 8. ®. Based on Boing Boing’s Resilience Framework, developed by Professor Angie Hart and Dr Derek Blincow with help from Helen Thomas and a group of parents and practitioners, Smart Moves is designed to support young people experiencing anxiety in their transition from primary to secondary school.
A teacher led, classroom-based resource focusing on real world situations children and young people face when starting and settling into secondary school. Each classroom pack contains 32 pupil booklets and 1 teacher pack, funded for all schools in Surrey.
A parent webinar to complement the Smart Moves® programme is available and aims to support parents in embedding some of the Smart Moves® resilience activities at home. The webinar and booklets can be accessed via the Eikon Website.

Partner: Eikon

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