What is the NVR Group?
The clinician who assessed your child/young person thought you might benefit from attending a Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) parent group.  We provide this group to parent/s and carer/s of young people who are displaying aggressive or controlling behaviours, often associated with anxiety. This is a relational parenting approach which will help parents and carers adopt an approach which will recognise that while they don’t agree with their child being aggressive, it will still show them that you love them whilst calmly making it clear that the violence will not be tolerated.  It also illustrates to parents how they can identify and ensure the young person knows what, as a parent, they or won’t draw a line on.

The group aims to:

  •  Help parents become more confident in managing their child’s behaviour
  • Help rebuild relationships
  • Provide a safe place to talk about family conflict

What does the group involve? 
You will be part of a group with other parent/s and carer/s with two to three facilitators. The programme consists of an introductory session, 7 groups sessions, optional individual parent sessions and an optional meeting with those who support you.
You will be encouraged to participate as much as you can in the group. We won’t ask you to share anything that you are uncomfortable sharing.

  • It is important that you have completed specific parenting programmes previously recommended for ADHD and Autism (e.g. The Nurturing Parenting Programme) and tried these approaches for about 6 months, before joining the NVR parent group, as it is a different approach.
  •  The group runs for two hours a week, with ‘homework’ tasks.  

Where will the group be held?
The group will be held virtually or face to face.

Group Attendance: 
We would expect you to attend all of the group sessions, however, we appreciate people can be unwell and have circumstances that make it difficult to attend.