Service Description

This programme is run and facilitated by two workers from Barnardo’s working on behalf of Mindworks Surrey. It offers:

  • group work for up to six children at the same agreed time each week
  • three groups a day for up to six weeks
  • help with supporting and improving the outcomes for both children and staff
  • celebrating the different ways these children learn
  • support for young people with their understanding of this condition and its characteristics
  • support for young people with managing classroom settings
  • support with building their self-esteem and finding ways to improve their wellbeing
  • support for children and staff with celebrating the positives of who these children are

Request for support/criteria

This offer is for primary and secondary schools. They will need to provide:

  • A safe, consistent space for us to deliver the groups
  • Parent consent for working with pupils
  • A list of agreed pupils before we start and a summary of their behaviours/the school’s concerns
  • A liaison person with whom to discuss the children’s progress
  • A contact person to help with logistics around the school
  • The name of DSL to contact regarding any safeguarding issues

Contact Details

Name of partner: Barnardos