Group's provided within Mindworks Surrey - referrals only

Mindworks Surrey CYPS Community Teams will be providing an increased groupwork programme to support in meeting the needs of children and young people who are under our service.  These will be delivered either face to face in group settings or online.  There are several benefits of this kind of intervention including the support of shared experiences from others facing similar experiences of a similar age. These groups are not for self-referral.

CYPS community teams will be offering 9 core groups, 7 for children & young people and 2 specifically developed for parents. After having an initial assessment, clinicians will screen each person on an individual basis to decide which group could be most suitable for them.

  • For children and young people who may need help with anxiety and how it can impact on daily life, there will be an Anxiety Management group.
  • Those who are experiencing difficulties in regulating their emotions, experience distress and may use self-harm as a coping strategy, we have a group that focuses on supporting with this – WISH (Working In Self Harm) group.
  • Psychoeducation around thoughts, feelings and behaviours can have a positive impact on children and young people. Our Super Skills for Life group will focus on this and use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to help build self-confidence and emotional resilience.
  • Intrusive thoughts, Anxiety and compulsions are all links to OCD, and this can feel very difficult to manage. Our CYPS Community Teams will be facilitating an OCD group to help children and young people to develop coping strategies and management skills.
  • For parent/s and carer/s of children and young people, we are running the Non-Violence Resistance (NVR) group. This focuses on helping tackle challenging behaviours and how to manage conflict within the home/ other environments.
  • Depression and low mood can be hard to manage on your own and we are running the Low Mood group to help those experiencing this. This groups also uses CBT techniques to build skills and to manage the low mood.
  • Families Learning About Self-Harm (FLASH) group is designed to help parent/s and carer/s of young people of secondary school age who are displaying self-harm behaviours. It’s aim is to help to reduce stress to a manageable level and to provide them with tools to communicate and build effective relationships with their young person.
  • For young people of secondary school age, we are offering the Decider group. This focuses on managing emotions, distress tolerance and mindfulness – using Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) techniques and acceptance and commitment therapy techniques.

Groups open to self referrals 

Our alliance partners offer a wide range of groups, that are open to self-referrals. There are groups available for children and young people and for parents/carers.