Some young people who have experienced our services share their thoughts on being referred and how we've helped them:

“I went to CAMHS from the ages of 15-17 the first few appointments I found it all quite daunting and wasn’t sure what to expect. I quickly built a great relationship with my workers and began to find speaking to them about what was going on for me easier than I expected. I found it helpful that CAMHS and my other workers linked together well and kept me involved and up to date with what the plan for my support was. I'm happy to say I'm now fully recovered and have been off medication and therapy for a year or so and feel without the support I received from CAMHS things would be very different.”

- ES aged 19

“I first started going to CAMHS when I was 14, although it was scary at first my worker quickly made me feel comfortable and I was able to open up to her easily. My other workers were really good at communicating with each other and always involved me in decisions and made sure I was comfortable with any changes. They all encouraged me to come out of my comfort zone and try new things whilst giving me constant support when I needed it. Now two years later I’m leaving CAMHS a different and far happier person thanks to them.” 

- GB aged 16

“The first time I was told about CAMHS I didn’t want to accept any help as I thought it would make me feel defeated and hopeless, as it meant I couldn’t help myself any more. Aspects of CAMHS are very challenging, such as being asked tough questions and finding the root of all my problems, but it does help as it made sure I had someone to talk to and who would understand and help me as much, if not more, than I could do alone. CAMHS has made me realise that I am not alone, and I know there is always at least one kind person who I can confide in and trust.”

- GH